Lake Orion High School AP Calculus: “What Would Larson Do?”

(Greg Cole and AP Calculus students)

It’s not every day that you have your face put on a t-shirt for an AP Calculus class. Greg Cole, a math teacher from Lake Orion High School in Michigan and his AP calculus class did just that. The class decided to make T-shirts that featured Ron Larson’s face with the class motto, “What would Larson do?” and “AP Calc 2013-2014” on the back. Greg explained the origins of the T-shirts “What would Larson do?”:


“A popular question from students who check their answer with the back of the
text book is often directed at the form of your answer. A student would say
to me, ‘My answer is equivalent. Will you still mark it correct?’”

“I say no and then encourage my students to try to get exactly the same
answer that is posted in the key. The way I see it, we should strive for
excellence and your text book sets the example. A bright young student of
mine named Tori rewrote this to ‘What would Larson do?’ Everyone else got a
bit of a kick out of this.”



Greg wanted to thank the following students:

  1. Tori B – She coined the phrase “What would Larson do?” and also got the T-shirts made
  2. Jack F – He decided to find that handsome picture of Ron
  3. Brook B – Photographer
  4. Mario A – Communications officer

Greg and his AP Calculus class have been meeting since September. Wednesday, April 2nd is their last regular class meeting followed by a final exam next meeting. Greg said, “Ron really provided a memorable moment for myself and my students.” They will always have something to remember the class, the teacher and when faced with hard math problems in the future, they’ll be ready to say, “What would Larson do?”