Ron Larson speaking at 2013 NCTM Annual Meeting

Dr. Ron Larson will be presenting “Real Math, Real Life: A Course for High School Students” at the annual NCTM Conference in Denver. Dr. Larson’s talk will be on Thursday, April 18 from 3:30 to 4:30 pm. The talk is intended for high school teachers.

The talk will explore a new type of high school course available for free on-line. The new course emphasizes the real-life applications of mathematics and requires no algebra. Topics include business and consumer math, taxation, probability, statistics, sports and fitness, and patterns in nature.

Each attendee will receive a free complete printed book titled “Math & You: The Power and Use of Mathematics.” This book is also available free in digital form at

The talk will be presented in Room Mile High 3B in the Denver Convention Center.

Prior to the talk, at 11:00am on Thursday, April 18, Dr. Larson will be attending a book signing at the Holt McDougal booth in the Convention Center’s exhibit hall.