Larson Texts, Inc. Debuts New Program for First-Year Experience Students

College Success & YOU: Achieving Your Goals

Larson Texts, Inc. is proud to announce that College Success & YOU: Achieving Your Goals is now available
as part of its series of textbooks. The textbook combines expert guidance and instructional
support with applications to realistic scenarios students are likely to face during their college years.

College Success & YOU was written by Dr. Malcolm Kahn and Dr. Sue Kahn, two
first-year experience experts. The authors worked together to assemble their knowledge and experiences into
this comprehensive guide to success for students in first-year experience or other college orientation and
success courses.

“We have taught and counseled thousands of first-year college students over our careers,” said Malcolm and
Sue. “We wrote this book to help students succeed during their transition to college and during their journey
from students to career-ready professionals.”

The College Success & YOU program provides students and instructors with a number
of valuable features, including an Interactive eBook App and a discussion board where students can interact
with their peers from across the country.

“Malcolm and Sue used their expertise to create the ideal first-year experience program,” said Matthew Totzke,
CEO of Larson Texts, Inc. “We are very excited to continue our tradition of producing industry-leading
educational materials and are proud to add College Success & YOU: Achieving Your Goals to our line of

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